Our Producers

Vin de Franck Breton Domain

This unique vineyard has been in the family for many generations and prides itself on its quality from the location of its grapes, the temperature and timing the grapes are harvested and the artisanal methods by which the wine is created. Frank’s delicious wines are the result of a subtle alchemy between original creativity, a renowned terroir and the expertise of a passionate artisan winemaker.

The vineyard consists of 7 hectares located south of the Loire, Saint-Martin -le- Beau and in the heart of the AOC Montlouis-sur-Loire. They produce a range of organic wines aged in the traditional way (breeding in barrels and half barrels) with no added chemical yeasts in the fermentation process or enzymes for racking. The grapes are hand-picked and sorted and the soil is worked with a respect for nature with no herbicide used in the vineyard.

Respect and passion for the traditional artisan methods are at the heart of these bold and creative wines.

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